Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to the Land of Milk and Honeys

So I am finally back home to the fantasy world of champaign. The sun is shining, the bums are migrating out of campustown, and all the hot girls and guys on campus are showing off their hot summer bods. (let's hope I get a closer look ;). I've been working hard doing P90x, so hopefully it pays off and I can start showing off!

I am super excited to start another wild journey down here, the final chapter, ;( in a long, strong, thick, and sturdy career. Living in seniorland is a definite bonus. Everybody here is ready to party, live it up for one last hurrah, and experiment with some new things(at least I hope so, lol!)

Stay tuned for my next update, I'm sure it won't be long til I have some saucy stories to share.

Thanks for reading, I'd be nothing without my fans!

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