Tuesday, November 10, 2009


No, silly this is not a redo!!! LOL I AM LOSING MY MIND BUT I AM NOT LOSING MY MIND. Can't wait to graduate...it's only a few months away. I will miss all of the young nubiles (and new guys), but life will go on!

This next bit of genius is a spin-off of the popular "People of Wal-Mart" photos that have been spread around, which is way funnier than the other thing you came across that has been spreading around...

People of Public Transit

My favorite is Andre 3000 knitting on Page 4, but they are all pretty entertaining. Reminds me of one time I saw a guy on the 5W Green wearing a cut-off shirt, frayed jean shorts and drinking a brown bag that turned out to have a whole fifth of bacardi O in it... Needless to say I rethought my bi-curiousity.

Anywho, later whispering eyes and whimsical guys,

I'll leave you with some sick Bacardi-O and Bi-Curious related pictures:

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