Tuesday, November 10, 2009


In a word: Yummy.
In two: Scintillating, Sexy.
In 13: Let's play hide the puppet. I've got the perfect hiding place in mind.

Puppetry of the Penis

I wanna see this more than the upcoming Twilight movie. (Something about that pale skin next to mine that gets the blood pumping to my fangs (Well really just the one in my trousers...). Don't even try to copy my notes from class cause all I write is "Mr Rudy Cullen". LOL!!

But back to my original point (or should I say limp???). This puppetry of the penis thing has been around for a while, but I just really got into it today when I Googling different things.. Watching the videos is super funny cause a lot of the girls had the same reaction as I did! They just opened their mouths! RAAARRRR!!

Like I always say, Let no sexuality be confused and let no hole go unused.


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