Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jive Ass Mo-Fos

Hey y’all,

So after my recent 8 PM run checking out the honey-dips and
honey-sticks (just call me the beekeeper : p), I came home to hear
some terrible news. I was checking through CNN’s top stories of the
evening and discovered the most popular story was about a girl who was
gang-raped outside a school dance by 20 boys for nearly 2 hours. : (

This story really gets my blood boiling, and definitely not in the
veins that count. How could 20 people possibly be so interested in
raping one teenage girl? First off, there is no way that 20 guys
could sit around looking at each other
penetrate one girl for nearly 2
hours! If I were them, I’d make myself a little mayo and salami
panini (shout out to Darnell at Panera!) out of those gangrapers if the man-meat was that abundant. Second, I can’t believe
these guys would go for **SUCH** an amateur. Like Lil Wayne, most
kids start having sex when they’re only 11 these days. But if 20 guys
think that some skeezy high-schooler is going to be a better
chickenhead than this tall drink of guy-gravy, then they’re just plain

Such a travesty… I just don’t have words for it. Oh well, time to go
watch my Yankees kick some Phillies ass! There's nothing better than
a big line of jocks just waiting to slap each others butts on the way
to the dugout. I don't even care who wins. All I know is that when Jeter and A-Rod(And what A ROD!!!) hug, everybody is a winner.

daps and hugs,
"definitely not p"Rudy

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