Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mexican Phone Company

These last few weeks have been pretty boring (AKA STRAIGHT). But there are some exciting times to cum and that will be the focus of my next few posts...

So as a fifth year, there has been a big question mark about the dismal job market. This downturn is being felt worldwide, by humans and animals alike. It is a scary time to be entering the real world, but I am ready to hit it like that cabana boy in Key West. (Ethan, I really think only you and I get that one ;) LOL)

The way I see it, I've got a number of great options, and I am literally wide open for anything... I entered into this website what I consider to be some of my skills and it returned some job openings that I am qualified for. Here is the outcome:
-Outgoing: I love interacting with others and I am a very giving person.
-Incoming: Because who likes pulling out?
-Looks Ethnic: I can literally pass for a multitude of different races. Some call me Native American, Phillipino, Icelandic, Japanese, or Honduran. Like I've said before, I wouldn't mind having a litle Cherokee in me (and it'd be pretty redundant to say a little Japanese...tehehe)
-Food Service: I've catered parties before, I've worked at a sushi place, my slave mom makes me delicious food all the time.
-4/10 on the Desperate for Work Scale: Not quite to the whoring my body for money or drugs point (shout out to my boy Blake), but definitely willing to swallow some pride (and maybe some other stuff) to make a buck... (get your minds out of the gutter)
-Likes Animals: Some people have compared me to a cheetah (i usually go fast), panther (i'm stealthy and might scratch you up), and anteater (i've sucked a basketball through a mechanical pencil before), among others. What kind of animal are you?

And the job that I am most qualified is..............................................
The Mexican Phone Company

FML. hopefully Pikes need a new house boyzilian waxer soon. UGA any word on that?

Peace homies and homos

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