Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sushi rolls AKA my guilty pleasure

So now that I'm a super salacious slippery sushi chef, I have to admit something, and this may come to surprise some of you. I'm half Japanese. I know what you're thinking, "rudy's a geisha". (hint: Take off the last syllable of that word and say it out loud...but just a little).

So I decided sushi would be a cool route to head. It combines two of my
favorite things: food and long slender objects. I am currently in training right now which means we
practice making rolls, max out on unagi, and sing traditional Japanese folk songs such as Kwai Uni Gotto (Destiny is a crescending
wave) and Tamagatchi Pika Ino Tojoson (Our Fearless Leader will Kamikaze Fascist America Once Again). It reminds me
of the times I would visit my famiy in japan and my parents would pit me against my full-Japanese cousins in sumo matches to prove who was a stronger country. I had to eat 3 big macs before we wrestled and this pretty much sealed my
fate. Far East power!

But making sushi is pretty great, I get to wear a cool chef's hat and and flirt with customers. I'm working on a new special roll...the Chester Roll, in honor of my favorite bar. It is a regular spicy tuna roll that tapers off on one end, culminating with a small mushroom cap on the end. Small blob of cream cheese at the end for dipping. Trojan garnish (Magnum if I'm lucky). Come by (or bi...) and I'll make one especially for you.

Stay tuned for saucy sushi stories, hope you don't have swine flu.

<3 roodz

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