Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Most Importan Meal of the Day

The term breakfast originated in japan somewhere around the 16th century, during the Vag Dynasty. Legend says that an emperor declared one morning before an important battle with a legion of Mongolian infidels, "fight hard with diligence, focus on supreme effort. Gods will lead our prosperity, and Mongolian break fast!". The translation worked out surprisingly well. The Japanese men were inspired, ate a healthy meal, and were hit with a surprise attack by the Mongolians. They learned their lesson and made breakfast faster the next time around.

Thus, it became my favorite meal of the day (except the feast I call Tyrone ;). But different situations call for different styles of breakfast. Come explore a morning with Rudy...

A - Early Class: wake up as late as possible, identify how adventurous I was last night by checking the hair length of the person laying next to me (squeeze in a quickie,) and roll out of bed. Usually need. Cup of coffee and grab the first leftover I see in the fridge (chicken tenders from C Street are usually my fav (and I can usually tell if I'll have them as soon as I see who I woke up next to hehe). Off to class and another day!

B - Weekend!: hopefully there is a little cutie next to me (or a big one, meow). I'll usually try and make a breakfast or help out if I am at this person's crib. 2 heads are better than 1, I always say... A protein shake is a great way to start off a weekend day, also!

C - At the Pike House: 2 advil, a protein shake (why not lolz), and the male Plan B... Don't ask, don't tell!

Question of the day:
Who is your favorite village person?
(people tell me I look like the Native American. I say I have a little Cherokee in me. But what I really want is a BIG Cherokee in me. Shh...don't tell.)

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