Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Frat Showers

This is a little belated, but as I was cleansing my bod today and singing "sex on fire" by kings of Leon, I couldn't help but feel a tad lonely. No. It wasn't because I looked down and got depressed (I'm half German, dah! Mein Cocknfeffer is not Mein Kampf! ;). But really I just missed the old days of living in the frat and takin prison showers. No matter what time of day, there would always be guys coming in and coming out (wink wink) of the bathroom to do their business. Always someone to talk to and sometimes the occassional shacker. SHACKER! It was great to be able to chat, compare lather techniques, and have a reason to stay in great shape. The bathroom was the watering hole of the Savannah that was the frat house (wouldn't mind watering a few holes I saw there if you know what I mean).

Basically, I think showers are more fun when shared. In Japan, we go to public baths where everyone has a rejuvenating cleanse. Genders are kept separate (meh). Throughout history, bathing has been a social event. Sometimes I think I live in the wrong era.

If anybody wants to carry on the tradition of public baths, hit me up. Seriosuly, anyone.

Third floor hotel, 2nd floor motel.


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