Friday, September 4, 2009

Sex. Tapes. House.

So I was listening to the radio this morning and a Very interesting subject came up. So interesting that I capitalized the v in Very. A listener called in and said she and her now ex boyfriend had made a sex tape together. Seems harmless enough, but now that they're broken up, the boyfriend has possession of the tape and won't return it to the girl even though she has asked repeatedly.

Well, duh. After hooking up with a fellow adventurer, I sometimes have good visual memories of the event (sometimes is an over statement). Do I give those memories back to the partner once we're done and they want nothing to do with me? No f-ing way. It's my bounty. My person proof that those nipples were the nicest I've ever seen or yes, I fit that entire thing in my mouth.

So on live radio, they called up the ex boyfriend and the girl asked if he would give the tape back. Things got a little heated and the guy repeated that there was no way he was giving it back. Then the show hosts chimed in and said, "bro, she can sue your ass if this ever gets on the Internet, you should just destroy it together and end the drama. Be a man." the guy responds with, "who the fuck is this, a new boy friend? Have you seen the ass on this girl, no way am I destroying the tape". Both radio hosts laugh and because they're trying to sound like nice guys (probably sig eps), they still insist that he should destroy the tape.

1. Awesome for the ex boyfriend.
2. Guarantee the radio hosts are trying to get that tape or get on the girl.
3. I f-ing love Taylor swift lolz.
4. As long as he is true to his word and keeps the tape to himself, case closed in my mind.

Some may think this guys an asshole, but he's straight up telling it like it is. And that is dead sexy.

Question of the day:
Ray J or Kim?


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