Sunday, September 6, 2009

Co-Ed floors in the Dorms

Today I delve deeper into the psyche of what it means to be an adventurous soul...

That is the gayest sentence I've ever written or typed. If spell check had a gaydar, that shit would be underlined in pink.

What I really want to talk about today is something that fathers with daughters dread and made my little guy tingle way back in the summer of 2005. Co-Ed floors in the dorms.

1. You're a doorway away from full access to whichever gender you are in the mood for. (Believe me, I change my mind more than Carrie changes shoes. What up, Sex and The City!)
2. It promotes further co-gender interaction (I bet that makes you happy, doesn't it, Dad?!) Everyday life is a little different when you're in the presence of girls all the time. Always gotta look fresh to death, but it keeps you honest. For me, it means I have to do a lot more laundry cause I burn through Deep-Vs like I'm a California Wildfire. Pretty crazy view of the fires if you click here.
3. Nip Slips. I live for them.

1. I don't like mixing business with pleasure. OK of course I do. See: Rupaul.
2. Shrinkage... It's not because I'm half-asian, dammit! Seriously, ask NPH. In my dreams...LOL!
3. Contrary to popular belief, girls do in fact go #2. Experts speculate it could happen as often as once a week. I know guys, sick. What do you think prompted my bi-curious thing in the first place? HELLO!!

Question of the Day:
Would you rather watch an entire women's college field hockey game or go 3 months without getting any?

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